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Google Mobile Search Engine 2017

What You Should Know

Our objective for all clients is to give your customers a better experience when reaching your site.

  • In today's new Google mobile world it's all about user experience across different mobile devices.

  • Google has built a Mobile search engine and as website owners we must adhere to all requirements for this new mobile age.

  • SEO is still very much needed for your content BUT all websites will also be rated on there ability to receive a better mobile experience.

What does this mean for site owners?

  1.  Smaller content size (meaning amount of words on a site) 

  2. Content set up to read best practices on all mobile devices.

  3. Fast load speeds ( your site needs to load in 2 seconds or less)

  4. Check Your Speed Here. (speed results must show green numbers to be acceptable) click on me

  5. For real estate clients this may be a huge problem because of 3rd party MLS .(make sure your MLS provider is properly optimized for best speed)

  6. Update (6/13/2017) Our test are in and they have shown us that pages with slower load times tend to drive away potential visitors.

    Today's fast pace users do not want to wait for anything and that means speed up those pages. These results are from 3 months of testing.

    How will Google know about your page speeds? When your bounce rate stays above 60%.

    Make sure you have signed up for Google Console for monitoring your account. It's free.

  7. Google will be looking at all websites for Best user experience.

  8. Pages will still need to be optimized properly.

  9. SSl certificate on all websites(http change to https) runs $75-$150 per year. (Godaddy Price)

    (you have probably noticed your own site saying in the address bar "your connection to this site is not secure")

    "Look at your address bar and click the little circle with an i to the left of your address"or mobile users click the 3 dots top right and your drop down will show the circle with an i on the top line.

  10.  Godaddy does the complete conversion from http to https-no extra charge.




All references above must be taken care of asap to guarantee you rank in the new Google mobile search engine.

  • This change is very inexpensive.

  • These improvements must be performed by qualified SEO consultants or Website technicians.

(price depends on quantity of pages)

  • Shade tree SEO and Website technicians are becoming a thing of the past quickly.

  • Using these guys will kill your chances of getting leads from Mobile Search Engine 2017

  • This is Google's Mobile Age and hopefully once these changes are done only algorithm changes will be needed ?

  • If your ranking now in Google mobile search and have not "mobilized" your website, your rankings may be dropping shortly. (it takes a couple of weeks for your rankings to move back up after the change)

  • Your site being mobile responsive is not the same.


These Requirements Must be Performed to Succeed in 2017


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How Internet Marketing in 2017 Will Bring Large Rewards

Internet Marketing has been changing drastically over the last several years.

  • Where content is still "King", having the correct data is equally important.

  • Data showing what your customers are doing when they enter your site is Key to the correct Marketing Plan.

  • Choosing new innovative marketing techniques will bring rewards where they count, "Bottom Line" 

  • These Marketing Strategies have always been for clients with deep pockets but not any more.

  • These same strategies are now more affordable than ever before!

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Social Media-needed for social
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Link building for search engines
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Real Estate Websites

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Audit Report for Site Health

For existing websites our first
service is perform a site audit.
This will display the errors on
your website that will need to
be repaired.
2017 Update
Your Site Must be
Mobile Optimized
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What Clients Are Saying

“I have found Chris to be well-informed and passionate about his craft – SEO! Just the other day, he made a few tweaks on my real estate site with his always-increasing knowledge and arsenal of tools and BAM – I saw an immediate rise of site visitors over the next few days. One thing he taught me is this – You must learn to think like a robot (Google bot). Thanks, Chris.” ~Charlotte NC REALTOR®

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Roger from Charlotte, NC

“I want to thank Chris and his company for there awesome work and all the help they gave me. I would not have made my project work with out them. I will be getting in touch soon for my next project. Keep up the good work guys!!” 5-19-2015

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Toni from Miami, Fl

“All I can say is that these guys are awesome and if you get a chance to use them, you want go wrong. This guys back up everything they say and provide excellent support for there products and services.”

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Dillon from Columbia, SC

“Chris and his team have provided me with years of awesome service, keep up the great work.”

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Tom from Panama City Beach, Fl

“Thank you Chris for your awesome support and the work you gave me. Your support response is always fast and dead on for identifying problems. Keep up the good work.”

Andrea from Atlanta, Ga

“I started working with Chris from Web Design & SEO of Carolinas (our parent company) after spending a lot of money on new designs, SEO services, Facebook Ads, and AdWords. When I was told the best thing to do was AdWords, I knew I had to find someone willing to think outside of the box and do what he/she says they will do. I found that person in Chris, I have a plan which includes retiring and working on a referral basis only, but if all my websites, Facebook Ads, and AdWords did not bring in business while I am working hard at it, how could that work for retirement? Chris did a complete analysis of my website and found many things that prevented my website from working like it should. He had to completely tear it down and start over from scratch. He has asked my opinion at every step of the way so it was my website, not his. Some of my ideas did not pan out and had to be discarded but he was able to break it down, so I understood why it did not work and where to go next. I knew we were on the right track when one month into the process I received a phone call from a buyer in Florida about a subdivision that I had never considered marketing and when I asked him how he found me, he said he Googled the subdivision and found me. After a couple of offers that did not work out because we knew the property would not appraise and the agent said they wanted that price to bring the values up in the subdivision, we moved on to another property. Long story short the next property did work and it worked out in spite of a low appraisal, that had to be renegotiated. I highly recommend Chris, he is a hard worker and as long as the Realtor gets the information he needs on a timely basis, he can do a great job for you.”
Barbara Reeves

Barbara from Mobile, Al